Salary Outlook: California Edition

Geography is a big determining factor in what qualifies as “living wage,” as it differs state by state. California makes the cut for the country’s highest average salaries, coming in at number five.

In 2017, California’s median household income was $71,805. That’s more than $11,000 higher than the national average, which was $60,336.

Let’s take a look at the average salaries for California’s top five fastest growing jobs (click here to read more about each of these positions).

Solar Energy Technician

Solar Energy Technician jobs are taking off. Right now, California employs the most Solar Energy Technicians in the country. The average salary in the state is $54,172/year.

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides in California earn an average of $23,701 per year, but salary can go up to $32,307/year.

Software Developer

Californian Software Developers earn an average yearly salary of $119,442. Salaries typically start around $60,000 and go up to around $175,000.

Personal Care Aide

This is a booming job in California, as there are currently over two million Personal Care Aides in the state. Salaries for Personal Care Aides in California average out at $25,480 and can go up nearly $40,000.

Nurse Practitioner

With the emphasis on preventative care increasing, Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are in a safe place in terms of the future job forecast. On average, a Nurse Practitioner earns an average yearly salary of $150,000. Salaries can go up to close to $185,000.